Les Tambours de la Muerte

Iconoclastic, pyromaniac and striking celebration

Parade and final on stage with pyrotechnic | Nocturnal
Audience. 3000 people | Duration. 60 mn | Team. 15 people
Imaginary celebration
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Have you ever thought you could meet Death at the corner of a street? This ageless woman of a wild beauty? Between foxglove and belladonna, she has the charm of exquisite poisons. This day you will be thousands or even more, but you’re the one she will see. Don’t be afraid, she will make the first steps. Tango, tarantella or rumba, she will lead the dance. Followed by her hoard of drummers and her surprising bodyguards, she will do a courtship display to seduce you… or your neighbor… Let go, have guts and set your body free. The stakes are crucial, fiendish and huge because if she likes you, Death will take you home to spend the night with her and invite you to enter the hereafter while you’re still alive. And you, humble mortal, you will able to spy this dreaded world of death…

→ Just a parade without final is possible.