Mobile Oblique & Bucolic

Parade and aerial final | Day or night show
Audience. Unlimited | Duration. 45 mn | Team. 12 people

Evolving vegetal carousel

Play Video about MOB – Cie Transe Express – photo © M Gourichon

The green world is an unexpected wealth. It secretly holds the keys of the world’s future.
But the thing is… Without a voice, a scream, a gesture, the stressed animal that we are relegates plants to a position of ornament.
But rest assured, a battalion of botany-enthusiastic drums, musketeers of the earth, decided to give voice and movement to their protégé.
They will become chlorophyll disciples.
They will have our hearts beat to the rhythm of bionics, our imagination bud, and grow a drum tree inside the city.
MOB is an evolving organic mobile inspired by Alexander Calder’ s sculptures, an aerial structure whose shape varies in the air, to embark the spectator into the green world’s luxuriance and refinement.

A battalion of botany-enthusiastic drums