The Periwinkles

Impertinent feminine parade

Performance theater | Day or night show parade | Unlimited audience | Lasts. 2 hrs -can be split up into 2 or 3 sets | Team. of 7
Les Pervenches – Cie Transe Express – photo Juan Robert
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With the energy of a battalion of warriors with drum sticks and the sensitivity of a group of poets with vocal cords, seven women create a groovy festive ambiance and play for girls revenge just for laughs.
Their themes are elegance in social and human relationships, the differences between sexes, liberty of opinion and liberty of appearance. This fun troop shake up the body and minds of their spectators who can’t help but join in the dance.
Their uniform, humour and poetry add charm to their songs and whistles accompanied by the rhythm of the drums. A tribal pheromonal know-how gives these amazons of the road a way of being free of heirachy and adapting to the present moment in time.