Poupées géantes

Urban Opera

Performance theatre | Musical show in parade | Day or night time
Lasts. 2 hours in 2 sets of 1 hour or 3 sets of 40 mn | Team. 14 people
new repertory 2022
Divas perched high in the air with crystal-clear singing
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Three giant dolls in oversized dresses glide through the crowd like porcelain dolls from an old toy box. They enchant the spectators with their songs from a large repertoire of original compositions, popular songs and some of the finest opera arias.
In their petticoats hide a group of colourful, energetic tin soldier drummers.
The crystal-clear voices of the divas contrast with the staccato drum rolls in a playful musical exchange accompanying scenes played out by actors as the parade rolls along.

→ The repertoire of the divas can be adapted to themes or events.