Poupées géantes

Urban Opera

Performance theatre | Musical show in parade | Nocturnal or diurnal

Duration. 2 hours in 2 sets of 1 hour or 3 sets of 40 min | Team. 14 people

new repertory 2022

Crystalline voices from high above

Three giant dolls in oversized crinoline dresses glide through the crowd. Like porcelain dolls out of an old toy box, they enthrall the audience with a performance mixing original compositions, popular songs and finest opera arias. In their hooped petticoats hides a colorful energetic tin soldiers drum corps. Their staccato drum rolls contrast with the divas’ crystal-clear voices in a playful musical exchange supporting short scenes played by comedians all along the parade route.

→ The repertory can be adapted to the theme of the event.
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