Les Tambours

bring rhythm to the asphalt and change the ordinary life

Performance theatre | Musical show in parade | Nocturnal or diurnal
Duration 2 hours in 2 sets of 1 hour or 3 sets of 40 min. | Team. 7 people
Play Video about Les Tambours – Cie Transe Express – photo ©

Septet of humor

One foot in tradition and the other in the provocation … A clique of gleaming drummers sows a wind of madness on its path.
Powerful drums which make hearts beat faster and set minds on the same wavelength.
A sound that opens ears and awakens passion. Since the earth is world people here and elsewhere have always vibrated to the sound of a drum.
The show « Les Tambours » is a musical street parade with powerful sound combining the roots of the famous «French Drum» and festive percussive traditions from around the world.

The parade can have a final on stage with drums on fire and pyro effects.