Mobile homme

An aerial event

Parade with aerial grande finale | For day or night time | Unlimited audience size | Lasts. 45 mn | Team. of 10

Celestial mobile for 7 flying drummers

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Imagine yourself as a child lying beneath a mobile of little characters moving and spinning at the slightest breeze … and now these characters come alive, flesh and bone, each one playing a drum.
Imagine as well, a frail, beautiful trapeze artist balanced above them all, capturing your eyes with her graceful acrobatics high up in the sky.
Imagine the regular beats and high and low drum rolls issuing from a septet of celestial drummers. Then a syncopated rhythm brings the drummers to the front line.
At the end of the line of the little lead drummers comes a clowny character who prefers flirting with the spectators or testing the sonority of dustbin lids rather than marching in step. It’s all there above you turning and drifting in the wind.

→ The show ’Mobilissimo’ combines two mobiles with different formats and sounds for a choreography on a bigger scale.