Mobile homme

The airborne event

Parade and aerial final | Nocturnal or diurnal

Audience. unlimited | Duration. 45 mn | Team. 10 people

Celestial machine for 7 flying drummers

Which child didn’t dream whilst lying underneath a mobile, their nose under a string of characters balancing at the end of a nylon wire… Imagine the same mobile, made of flesh and bone drum majors, suspended from a crane…

Imagine that a frail trapeze artist appears in the middle of this celestial cluster, and spreads a slight wind of extravagance while gracefully balancing…

Imagine the constant beats, the high-pitched sets and dull rumbles of a sextet of celestial drummers…

Imagine this human mobile suspended above water, from a cathedral’s spire or in the night sky…

The off-beat rhythm brings the drummers to the frontline. At the end of the line of lead drummers comes a character a bit out of place, called the «Pignouf», who prefers flirting with the spectators…

It’s only once the mobile lifts up that we discover that under this clown character was hiding a beautiful trapeze artist.

→ The show Mobilissimo is possible with two different Mobiles.
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