Vertical Odyssey

Fixed act | day or night
audience unlimited |duration 60 min.
team. 16 ARTISTS, 3 to 6 invited artists and 4 technicals
creation 20245

DNA speaks of the weaving within us of cultural identity and individual freedom, of what links us together, of the power of a crew and of human partnership for great achievements.

Travel is the basis of the DNA project. We are going to work on parts of compositions with singers from different countries: to explore the enrichment caused by an ephemeral marriage of voices with sounds from different cultural traditions with lyrical voices and percussion.

Voices and drums are the basis of the music. We create a bridge that connects the four corners of the world, to go beyond the limits of our borders. A special place will be reserved for guest artists in order to adapt the artistic material to our program.

the beginnings of creation in video
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