Transe Express,
les 40 balais

The Transe Express company celebrates its 40th anniversary!

40 years that the company stirs the street, draws the crowds, enchants passers-by and passers-by,
40 years dreaming up the sky, taking to the skies, inventing and building monumental aerial machines, distilling a touch of madness and magic, making people dream and amaze,
40 years of travels and tours in the 5 continents,
40 years of bringing together artists, technicians, engineers and all the intrepid people who create the magic of the show,
40 years of making the street the most beautiful place to celebrate!

This time, the party was at home, on Saturday October 22, 2022 at the Gare à Coulisses, in Eurre (26).

One anniversary, two highlights:
the Preview of the show Il est une fois Transe Express, by the Burdin-Rhode company and the 40 broomstick party, on Saturday October 22, at the Gare behind the scenes.

Il est une fois Transe Express
Co. Burdin – Rhode
Gilles Rhode and Brigitte Burdin, founders of Compagnie Transe Express, choose to reveal the history of the “dinosaur” company by presenting a preview of an image theater duo: “Il est une fois Transe Express”. A show to relive or to discover the epic of these pioneers of Street Arts, inventors of imagination and Celestial Art.

The party A festive program with throughout the evening: excerpts from the company’s shows, winks, aerial choreographies, drums, costumes, celestial machines, musical moments…
which mingle with concerts, shows and other surprises from the guest companies.

40 brooms
1600 spectators
90 volunteers
20 technicians
57 musicians
3 opera singers
11 acrobats
4 artificers
13 invited companies
3 stages
1 crane
40 meters high
8 tons of aerial structures lifted
6 giant puppets
150 bottles of Clairette
20 meter bar
4 dilapidated shock absorbers
Smiles, laughter, happiness!